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Twisted Thoughts - Chapter Three (of Three)
  Chapter Three - Discovered
"Have you ever felt
Like your only comfort was your cage
You're not alone
I've felt the same as you
Have you ever felt like your secrets give you away
You're not alone
I've been there too
Cause everyone is looking
Everyone is laughing
But I think everyone feels the same
Everybody wants to feel okay
Everybody wants to
Everybody wants to feel"
Twenty minutes later Jack and Ianto met back where they started. They waited a few minutes and Gwen came running up, looking a bit winded.
"Are you okay?" Jack asked.
"If you ask another stupid question I'll rip your head off and turn you into one of those zombies you love so much." Ianto held back an amused grin while Jack raised his hands in defense.
"Didn't mean to offend you sweetheart. So, back to business, did anyone see anything?" They both shook their heads.
"Maybe you should have come up with a better plan than just wandering around hoping we'll stumble across one." Jack looked at Ianto incredulously, as i
:iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 1 0
Twisted Thoughts: Chapter Two
*Chapter Two - Suspicion*
"Does it scare you that I can
Be something different than you
Would it make you feel
More comfortable if I wasn't
Well you can't control me
And you can't take away from me who I am"
Gwen could barely contain her giggles of glee. Her plan was finally being set in motion. Now what that plan was...well she had no idea, specifically that is. But she would have one soon. Yes, and it would be evil and diabolical. Her father would be so proud. Not Gwen's father of course, but the creature that had created the alien inside Gwen. The one that had been given life in the Rose Child. If the Doctor hadn't electrocuted himself, thus killing her father, they could have been together right now, rejoicing in the conquest of this ridiculous planet. But now she was the last Quist in existence, and because of her hurried escape from the Rose Child, the Quist race would die with her if she died.
"But I won't die. I may not be able to raise up any more of my race, but at least I wi
:iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 0 0
TWISTED THOUGHTS Chap. 1- #3 of the TWISTED Series
A/N: Hi guys, welcome to my first Torchwood story! Before you read this, check out the first of this series "Twisted Words" (Category: DW) on my profile in the folder DW Fanfiction. If you don't want to, I guess this would make sort of sense, and I did put a "last time" at the beginning for those who read it months ago. The second sequel "Twisted Actions" is Category DW/TW Xover. Also, you don't really need to have seen any episodes of Torchwood to read this, as long as you know who Jack, Gwen and Ianto are. Rhys is Gwen's husband and Tosh and Owen died at the end of series 1. By the way, my Torchwood knowledge is a bit rusty, I haven't seen them in a while so I apologize for any continuity or other mistakes of the like. I've seen every episode except nine episodes of Miracle Day (which I hope you can forgive me for that :P) Oh and I love Gwen and Rhys so much. There will be some romance there, as this is new territory for me :D Enjoy!
TWISTED THOUGHTS by :iconrosebadwolftyler: aka Kat
:iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 0 0
Artists of DW by RoseBadWolfTyler Artists of DW :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 3 3 Wallpaper for BAD WOLF DAY by RoseBadWolfTyler Wallpaper for BAD WOLF DAY :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 21 19
(The long awaited sequel to my story "Twisted Words”, which you can find here on my profile. Rated T for slightly mature themes. Enjoy! The theme for this is the song "Haunted" by Taylor Swift)
♫ You and I walk a fragile line
I have known it all this time
but I never thought I'd live to see it break.
It's getting dark and it's all too quiet
And I can't trust anything now.
And it's coming over you like it's all a big mistake.
Oh, I'm holding my breath
Won't lose you again
something's made your eyes go cold...
Come on, come on, don't leave me like this,
I thought I had you figured out.
Something's gone terribly wrong
You're all I wanted.
Come on, come on, don't leave me like this,
I thought I had you figured out.
Can't breathe whenever you're gone,
Can't turn back now, I'm haunted...♫
Last Time:
“Everything alright?” The Doctor's face showed slight concern.
“Yes, of course.” She slipped the positive pregnancy test off of the sink
:iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 3 8
Every Day should be Valentine's Day by RoseBadWolfTyler Every Day should be Valentine's Day :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 3 5
Home is With You
Home is With You
“No no no no no!” The door to the TARDIS burst open and the Doctor ran in, carrying his companion Rose Tyler. She moaned and shook violently in his arms. The Doctor picked up his pace towards the Med Bay. He hadn't meant for her to get shot, and for the bullet to be coated with Spirulian Venom, one of the deadliest poisons on this side of the Meltution Galaxy.
It had all started out as a normal day. He had taken her to see the enormous statue of one of the most powerful and influential leaders of the planet Geltor 4. The special thing about the statue was that it was made of sparkling rubies, making it one of the most visited attractions for space travelers. Everything should have been safe there.
But what he didn't know was that an escaped convict had broken into a science lab and had stolen a gun containing bullets highly toxic to humanoids...
“Wow Doctor, that's amazing! I love how the rubies sparkle brighter in the sunlight! Do you think I can tak
:iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 21 12
Ultimate Rock Group Wallpaper by RoseBadWolfTyler Ultimate Rock Group Wallpaper :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 1 3 In the Dark: Eleven/Rose by RoseBadWolfTyler In the Dark: Eleven/Rose :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 73 40 Amy Lee of Evanescence - Wallpaper by RoseBadWolfTyler Amy Lee of Evanescence - Wallpaper :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 2 5 Slowly Losing You Fanfic BAD WOLF Amanda Righetti by RoseBadWolfTyler Slowly Losing You Fanfic BAD WOLF Amanda Righetti :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 4 7 Slowly Losing You Chapter 16 Preview by RoseBadWolfTyler Slowly Losing You Chapter 16 Preview :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 1 4 Slowly Losing You Fanfic Promo NINE/ROSE by RoseBadWolfTyler Slowly Losing You Fanfic Promo NINE/ROSE :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 37 17 A Life With Rose Chapter 1 Submission by RoseBadWolfTyler A Life With Rose Chapter 1 Submission :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 14 9 Loki/Bad Wolf - Power by RoseBadWolfTyler Loki/Bad Wolf - Power :iconrosebadwolftyler:RoseBadWolfTyler 27 10

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Whooligans: Familiar Faces by JesIdres Whooligans: Familiar Faces :iconjesidres:JesIdres 721 339 Burning Like The Sun by SuperherogirlCat Burning Like The Sun :iconsuperherogirlcat:SuperherogirlCat 138 106 When David met the Chibi.... by JesIdres When David met the Chibi.... :iconjesidres:JesIdres 674 337 Plushie Revenge 2007 by JesIdres Plushie Revenge 2007 :iconjesidres:JesIdres 490 241
A Bit Domestic
Set in the SwitchVerse.
As Jackie entered the Tyler Mansion, closely followed by the Doctor and Rose, an excited little boy came running down the hallway towards them. "Mummy! Rose!" He sped up at the sight of his sister, clamping his arms around her legs.
Rose let go of the Doctor's hand, prizing Tony's fingers off her as she bent down to pick him up. "Hello, handsome."
She smiled as he pressed his face into her neck, mumbling incoherently about missing her. "Thought I'd never see you again." He looked up at her with tear-filled eyes and a huge grin on his face.
"No, neither did I." She looked at the Doctor, tears welling up in her own eyes. She was willing to give up her family for him but to have them both was just perfect. "Things worked out better than I thought."
Tony followed her line of sight, looking at this mysterious man with wonder, a man he had heard so much about and could identify purely from the way he l
:iconabboz:Abboz 40 52
Always Will Be
Set in the SwitchVerse.
Rose wandered into the TARDIS console room, bare foot and wrapped in a pink dressing gown. "Doctor." She walked up towards him as she spoke, dabbing at her wet hair with a towel. "I just want a warning, in five minutes are you gonna come running down the corridors shouting my name? 'Cause it's fine and all, I just want to know if I'm gonna get that gadget shoved in my face or find you dragging me out somewhere whilst my hair's still wet." He put whatever gadget he'd been sonicing down on the console and turned to face her, a look of awe on his face, words sticking in his throat. "What? Oh don't laugh! I've only just got out the shower."
"You look…" He swallowed thickly. "You look beautiful."
It was a sight she'd seen many times, that familiar, loving expression, the warmth in his eyes and the words spoken with such sincerity that it took her breath away. But this time she was struck by a sud
:iconabboz:Abboz 41 51
Definition of Impossible
Set post Journey's End.
"Will he be alright?" Rose looked back at the space where the TARDIS had been, squeezing the Doctor's hand as she screwed her eyes shut.
"Rose." The blue-suited Doctor couldn't take his eyes off her.
"I know you're the Doctor too, I get it, but that doesn't make him any less of the Doctor." His brow furrowed as she spoke, tears were threatening to fall from her eyes and she wouldn't look at him. "He's still the Doctor I fell in love with and I don't want him to be alone." She blinked away the tears, turning her head further away from him. "Just tell me, will he be alright?"
"Rose, look at me." He waited for her to do so, reaching up to brush away her tears. "I switched clothes with him. I switched places with the metacrisis Doctor." He paused to let her take in the information. "It's me, Rose."
"You mean?"
"Two hearts." He held her hand up to the right side of his chest, smiling at her bewildered expression. "Your two-hearted, full Time Lord Doctor." Grad
:iconabboz:Abboz 45 77
Where to next? by Gazelle1583 Where to next? :icongazelle1583:Gazelle1583 505 41
Something Remembered
"You see, you should have done a clean-out earlier. This place looks so much nicer and you've hardly started." Jackie Tyler was standing in the doorway of her daughter's bedroom in a pink designer tracksuit.
"Mum, don't you need to be somewhere or something?" Rose Tyler was sitting on the floor clearing out her cupboards.
"Not since your father's been running off to who-knows-where. I'm starting to get worried."
"Don't worry. He's making sure he uses his second chance."
"Yeah, well he's spending a lot of time inventing a new pop. He better not be off with some skinny gold digger. Oh, I should stick to that diet of mine." Rose giggled.
"Go do something useful mum, you're distracting me." Jackie pulled a face before leaving the room.
Rose looked at the belongings strewn out before her. She'd only been here a few years, and she'd already accumulated a lot. She starting picking out the things she didn't want to keep and putting them into a box. She remembered the last time she did this. Th
:iconmusicfanaticxd:musicfanaticXD 17 29
The Villain by donnabella2k7 The Villain :icondonnabella2k7:donnabella2k7 533 100 Spaced Rose by SnGhost Spaced Rose :iconsnghost:SnGhost 15 4 Thedaysthat'llneverbeforgotten by viria13 Thedaysthat'llneverbeforgotten :iconviria13:viria13 6,074 330 I Can See Everything by TakinFlight I Can See Everything :icontakinflight:TakinFlight 37 7 Chips Wallpaper by Gazelle1583 Chips Wallpaper :icongazelle1583:Gazelle1583 106 0 Chips make everything better by Son-Neko Chips make everything better :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 1,088 186 Fright Night by Leticja Fright Night :iconleticja:Leticja 59 11


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That time during the winter where I must say goodbye until next summer! Crap I do this every year and it never gets any easier :icondeansadfaceplz: I said this over on too, but I've got some stuff planned for next summer, lots of fanfics, go check out my profile to see their summaries (…). BUT for DeviantArt next year I've got some cosplays planned, a female Sam Winchester, Gwen Cooper, Rose from series 4, and a female Ninth Doctor. I'll miss you all so much, I might pop in a few times over the winter but I like to concentrate on school and ministries, so thank you friends! :iconsupertighthugplz:



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My screen name is Kathryn Hart, a Christian(Hebrews 12:1b-2, John 20:31) a SuperWhoLockian and an internet geek, and you can find me on:

My Fanfiction:…
And my Rose Tyler Facebook Page:…

I'm a partial photoshop artist and a fanfic writer whose fandoms are: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly, Sherlock, Primeval (Classic), Thor, The Avengers, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys(KEVIN SORBO and MICHAEL HURST), Castle, The Mentalist, Once Upon A Time, Torchwood, The Hunger Games, The Office, and Psych. I also like Starsky and Hutch(the TV Show), Star Wars, Star Trek Voyager, DS9, anything Disney and Lord of the Rings.

:iconxxrosetylerxx:, :iconsamwplz: and :iconlokismileplz: are my favorite fictional characters!

Favorite Doctors: (In Order)

(but I adore dem all :iconiloveyouplz:)

Proud Creator/Owner of the :iconelevenxrose: group, come check it out! ELEVEN/ROSE FOREVER!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Personal Quote: "Reputation is what others think of you. Personality is what you really are." ~Kathryn Hart ^^

My Group and Favorite groups: (More to be added later)




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